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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Find it in the Archives: Archival Sources as Information Literacy
Garrison Libby and Erin Allsop

CCP Textbooks: A Pragmatic Plan for the Pandemic
Anita McRary, Zaria White, Brenda Lewis, Staci Wilson

Data-Driven Member Engagement
Amelia Rodarte

Biases in Library Subject Headings and Classification Systems
Amanda Ros

Building a Digital Library Consortium
Alan Unsworth & Joel Ferdon

We Survived an Online Book Club and so can You!
Michele Handy, Ali Norvell, Dane Secor

Look Inside LibGuides
Angela Davis

Equity Matters in Community College Libraries: NCCCLA Equity Subcommittee takes the Challenge
Brittany Champion & Colleen Kehoe-Robinson

Technology Show and Share
Spencer Tart, Megal Gill, & Laurie Robb

Decolonizing NC Community College Libraries by Identifying Recruitment and Retention Practices
Brittany Champion, Retha Hall, and Gerald Holmes

Friday, March 12, 2021

Copyright During a Pandemic (and other fun times!)
Cheryl Ann Coyle

“An Astronaut, a Nurse, and a Prostitute Walk Into the Library”: How to Explain the Importance of Cataloging to Non-Catalogers
Amanda Ros

Filling the OER Gap: Conversations and Collaborations
Julie Reed & Garrison Libby

Advocacy Committee
Cheryl Ann Coyle

Building Electronic Collections to Meet Patron Needs
Alan Unsworth

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