Founded on December 15, 1967, The North Carolina Community College Library Association (NCCCLA) underwent a series of name changes through the years to accommodate the ever-evolving role of the library in North Carolina community colleges. Known as the North Carolina Community College Learning Resources Association for several decades, the organization came full circle in 2014 when it once again adopted the name of North Carolina Community College Library Association.

The Association was originally created for the purpose of serving as a statewide voice for learning resources and services, advancing the cause of education for all individuals, promoting professional development and unity of purpose for all personnel involved in learning resources programs, and encouraging innovations for support of instructional processes. Today, the Association continues to carry out this goal, providing a variety of professional development and networking opportunities for North Carolina community college librarians, library paraprofessionals, and others who have an interest in North Carolina community college libraries.

NCCCLA is made up of six districts, each district comprised of the community colleges located within a certain geographical boundary. Most elected officers serve one-year terms.

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