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The North Carolina Community College Association (NCCCLA) Advocacy Committee strives to raise awareness of community college library needs and justify budget requests by spotlighting the critical role of libraries in student success, faculty and staff support, and community engagement. The Committee works to achieve these goals by:

  • Sharing advocacy opportunities and success stories with NCCCLA members.
  • Collection and dissemination of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Engagement with organizations (such as the North Carolina Association for Community College Presidents [NCACCP]) and legislators.
  • Collaboration with other library organizations to promote the adoption of legislation which benefits libraries and librarianship, including planning and promotion of State Legislative Days.
  • Inclusion of outside stakeholders and subject experts within the Committee.


  • Development of a white paper advocating for community college library funding and staffing, to be presented to NCACCP.
  • Expansion of the Committee’s online presence.
  • Collection of brief (1-3 minute) library user testimonial videos (please share yours with us!).
  • Partnership with the State Library to collect and compile data.


Dr. Rachel Desmarais, Presidential Liaison, Vance-Granville CC
Cheryl Coyle, Chair, Central Piedmont CC
Libby Stone, Past Chair, Gaston College
Carol Anne Hankinson, District 1 Representative 2018-2020, Roanoke-Chowan CC
Rich Garafolo, District 2 Representative 2019-2021, Lenoir CC
Christy Earp, District 3 Representative 2018-2020, Wilkes CC
District 4 Representative – vacant
Charles Wiggins, District 5 Representative 2018-2020, Isothermal CC
Bill Kinyon, District 6 Representative 2018-2020, Haywood CC
Donna Windish, At-Large Member 2020-2021, Randolph CC
Sarah Sowa, At-Large Member 2020-2021, Mitchell CC
Dr. Anthony Chow, Associate Professor at UNCG, Co-Chair of the NCLA Legislative and Advocacy Committee, CEO of Strategic Performance Systems
Amanda Johnson, State Library of North Carolina, Data Analysis and Communications Consultant
Jennifer Seagraves, NCCCLA President, Johnston CC

Contact Us

Please contact Cheryl Coyle at with any questions or suggestions.

Updated: 12/17/2020

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