DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee

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DEI Statement

North Carolina Community College Library Association (NCCCLA) seeks to raise awareness of the need to provide access to opportunities, resources, and support for all members of the communities we serve and to build a platform from which marginalized members of our communities can share their voices. All users have a right to feel safe in a welcoming environment that will foster opportunities for academic success and encourage integrity. We acknowledge equity, diversity, and inclusion as foundational principles of librarianship. It is critical for library communities to recognize and practice cultural awareness and condemn discrimination. NCCCLA will empower all library staff and our community partners to model and promote these principles in advancing issues of fairness and social justice. We remind our communities that libraries are for everyone, and we will continue to serve all users.

North Carolina Community College Library Association (NCCCLA) DEI committee facilitates the association’s commitment to equity for North Carolina community college libraries. The committee makes recommendations to the NCCCLA Executive Board and coordinates approved equity initiatives. These initiatives include advancement, recruitment, and retention; dignity and respect; and fair and supportive work environments for marginalized groups in the library profession. In addition, the committee supports initiatives to promote social justice for members of our communities—both those served by and those serving in North Carolina community college libraries. Moreover, the committee is guided by the following core values:

  • Access—to resources, services, and opportunities that are fully inclusive of the diversity (including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity/gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, dis/ability, and economic status) embodied by our current and future NC community college library users.
  • Action—to bridge equity gaps, raise awareness, and amplify the voices of marginalized groups through the development of practical frameworks, toolboxes, and best practices that member librarians can utilize in NC community colleges.
  • Assessment—to make recommendations for data gathering, to analyze and evaluate the collected data, and to acknowledge successful initiatives and projects at member libraries and within the organization.
  • Advocacy—to challenge orthodoxy, promote changemaking, and cultivate a culture of belonging, in collaboration with the NCCCLA Advocacy Committee, to benefit all NC community college libraries and the communities we serve.

DEI Statement approved by NCCCLA Executive Board on September 23, 2020; amended on September 22, 2021.


Chair: Robert James, Nash Community College

Secretary: Elizabeth Baker, Carteret Community College

At Large Members:

  • Don Michael Jr., Central Piedmont Community College
  • Barbara Bera, Central Carolina Community College
  • Colleen Kehoe-Roboinson, James Sprunt Community College
  • Liza Palmer, Moving Image & Film Matters
  • Nathan Stancil, Johnston Community College
  • BJ Thompson, Central Carolina Community College
  • Touger Vang, Montgomery Community College


    Robert James, Chair –

    Updated: 5/10/2023

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