2021 Executive Board Officer Vacancies

Member nominations for the offices of Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President / President-Elect beginning March 2021, will be accepted until 5pm, Friday, January, 29 2021.

Elected Officer position responsibilities can be viewed in the NCCCLA Handbook.

Submit your nominations via Memberplanet.

New Corporate Member!

We would like to thank Baker & Taylor for becoming our newest corporate member!

Baker & Taylor, the premier provider of books, digital content, and technology solutions, is delighted to offer NCCCLA members exclusive discounts to an enhanced suite of library products and services that meet your needs. In addition to providing the most comprehensive range and deepest inventory of physical and digital scholarly books, films, and music, Baker & Taylor is now your source for popular, current events and leisure reading content. Partner with Baker & Taylor today to create a customized Digital Bundle that suits your institution’s needs. Book a time to chat with Rachael Perry, your new dedicated Sales Manager, for more information. 

Dogwood Digital Library

Dogwood Digital Library logo

In anticipation of OverDrive acquiring RB Digital, Alan Unsworth from Surry CC, and Joel Ferdon from Stanly CC, along with the support of the North Carolina Community College Library Association (NCCCLA), have worked with OverDrive to establish a consortium that is solely for the North Carolina community college libraries. This new venture is called Dogwood Digital Library.

With so many community colleges in the state being partially or fully remote this semester, establishing a consortium and pooling our resources for popular and academic eBooks and eAudiobooks will allow our students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to access a more robust collection of titles. This is a prime opportunity for the community college libraries to take on a new venture that directly benefits our communities.

CCCLA Handouts

Documents from the New Directors Orientation session, held on October 7, 2020, are now available.

Equity Statement

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, the NCCCLA Executive voted to approve the equity statement as proposed by the Equity Subcommittee.

North Carolina Community College Library Association (NCCCLA) seeks to raise awareness of
the need to provide access to opportunities, resources, and support for all members of the
communities we serve and to build a platform from which marginalized members of our
communities can share their voices. All users have a right to feel safe in a welcoming
environment that will foster opportunities for academic success and encourage integrity. We
acknowledge equity, diversity, and inclusion as foundational principles of librarianship. It is
critical for library communities to recognize and practice cultural awareness and condemn
discrimination. NCCCLA will empower all library staff and our community partners to model
and promote these principles in advancing issues of fairness and social justice. We remind our
communities that libraries are for everyone, and we will continue to serve all users.

You can access the entire Equity Statement [PDF] via the NCCCLA Documents page.