Award Winners Announced

Mertys Bell Memorial Scholarship

Bridget Braddom

Bridget Braddom, student at East Carolina University, is awarded the Mertys Bell scholarship for the year 2020.

Bridget began her career as a teacher and has twenty-six years of teaching experience in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. She enters librarianship as her second career. Bridget is currently a school media specialist at Walter Bickett Elementary School in Monroe, NC.

Bridget chose librarianship because she wants to expose under-privileged children to the joy of reading. She also has a strong belief in exposing her students to technology. Bridget’s love of “her kids” spills over as she speaks about her role in their education. She wants to open the world of reading to them. Bridget would like to thank the NCCCLA for their influence and leadership in providing the scholarship. The scholarship will help with the financial burden of completing her degree. It will also allow her to continue her education so that she be an influence in the lives of her students.

Scottie W. Cox Memorial Scholarship

Sherry Barnes

Sherry Barnes is awarded the Scottie W. Cox Memorial scholarship for the year 2020. She is currently a student at East Carolina University.

Sherry’s first career was an elementary school teacher for twenty-two years.  School librarianship is her second career. She is a school media specialist at Bertie Middle School in Windsor, NC. Sherry loves books and loves sharing the joys of reading with students at the middle school.   Sherry deeply appreciates the scholarship. This will help her with tuition so that she can continue in her job and education. The scholarship is a prayer that came true.

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