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NCCCLA: Refresh Reboot Reconnect

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Forums and Meetings

CCLINC Users Meeting
Moderator: Teresa Frohock

DEI Forum
The NCCCLA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee invites all members to join us for an open discussion of DEI accomplishments and challenges in NC community college libraries.
Moderator: Robert James

Panelist Discussion
Our guest panelists include Mikaya Thurmond, Patrice Gopo, and Annette Clapsaddle. They will be addressing their individual literary and journalistic journeys as well as discussing the importance of equity and inclusion in books and libraries.
Moderator: Gloria Kelley, Dean, Library, Central Piedmont Community College.

Evergreen Session
Description: This presentation will occur in two parts. First, learn the basics of Evergreen for those libraries interested in migrating to the new platform. The first part of the presentation will focus heavily on Evergreen functions that will be useful for community colleges, including the bookings module, reserves, and permission groups. Additionally, we will spend time looking at some basic features that may be useful, such as acquisitions and reports. Next, participants will learn more about the benefits of Evergreen and belonging to an open-source library community. Focus and emphasis will be on those libraries who have not yet chosen to adopt Evergreen but have questions about the ILS and why they should consider using it.
Presenters: Samantha O’Connor, Staci Wilson, Joel Ferdon, Rich Garafolo, Lisa Trexler, & Libby Stone

CCCLA: Council of Community College Library Administrators (CCCLA) Update
Audience:  Library Administrators only
Carol Anne Hankinson, CCCLA Chair, Roanoke-Chowan Community College
Paula Hopper, CCCLA Vice Chair, Beaufort County Community College
Julie Humphrey, CCCLA Secretary, Durham Tech
Staci Wilson, CCCLA Past Chair, Catawba Valley Community College

Keynote Speaker
State Librarian, Michelle Underhill, will deliver our keynote address.


*Refresh. Reboot. Reconsider? Selection and Reconsideration Policies
With the increasing numbers of Early College (EC) and Career and College Promise (CCP) students on community college campuses, now is the time to reboot your selection and reconsideration policy. In 2021, there were 729 challenges to library, school, and university materials, the most challenges since the Office of Intellectual Freedom began tracking them in 2000. This session will cover the critical elements for creating an effective and comprehensive written policy for dealing with challenges and reconsideration requests. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with colleagues in actively critiquing existing policies.
*This session is presented by The NCLA Community and Junior Library College section in collaboration with the NCLA Intellectual Freedom Committee.
Presenters: Timothy Hunter & Laurie Robb

OER in NC Community Colleges: Connections and Conversations
Description: In the face of surging textbook costs, open educational resources (OER) have arisen as free alternatives to make education affordable. In this session, we will share the NCCCLA OER Task Force’s new OER Toolkit, which provides guidance for librarians and faculty who hope to spur OER adoption at their institutions. We will also highlight OER collaborations happening at the system level and spotlight OER success stories from member colleges. Whether you are an OER novice or expert, come join us for a conversation about fostering student success by providing free, high quality textbooks and other openly licensed material to reduce barriers to enrollment and help students thrive.
Presenters: Julie Reed & Garrison Libby

All in the Family: Supporting Student Parents in the Library
Description: Community college student parents benefit from college and library support that recognizes their need to balance their competing obligations as both students and parents. Creating lactation, mothering, and parenting support spaces and services (kits, policies, programs) in community college libraries removes barriers to library usage and supports the academic success of parents and other caregivers. Come learn about the research and best practices for supporting these caregivers, and see examples of lactation spaces, parental support spaces/kits and family friendly study rooms, including design, policies/procedures, communication, and collaboration with campus partners.
Presenter: Jennifer Arnold

*Prepare to Defend Intellectual Freedom
Description: It’s in the headlines every day. Libraries are forced to defend their mission of intellectual freedom. Are you prepared? Learn what intellectual freedom means to a community college library and best practices for staff when confronted with a concern or challenge.
*This session is presented by The NCLA Community and Junior Library College section in collaboration with the NCLA Intellectual Freedom Committee.
Presenters: Anne Mavian & Allison Bryan

Rebooting the Library: Renovations and Upgrades
Description: This session will review recent library renovations and upgrades in North Carolina Community Colleges. The librarians will discuss lessons learned and the observed impacts of the renovation on student use and engagement. There will be a representative from Carolina Furnishings + Design to give insight into the planning process and what is needed to be successful in a renovation.
Presenters: Shannon Paul, Gloria Kelley, & Rick Halverstad

“I Can’t Remember When I Last Read a Book”: Reconnecting with the CCCC Community as Readers
Description: A common lament that students, faculty, and staff often express is that they do not have time to read. Students frequently state that they have not found a book that they enjoy; faculty and staff simply express a wish for more time so that they can read. In order to reconnect readers with books and an interest in reading, the CCCC Library focused on choice, inclusivity, and flexibility as values for re-envisioning its reader’s advisory activities. As a result, the library revised and promoted its reader’s advisory service; added reader’s advisory programming (such as NoveList Plus, hoopla, and genre workshops) to its schedule, and started a faculty and staff short story “book” club. These various strategies have been met with varying degrees of success. Overall, this process has provided insight into the ways in which a community college library can engage (and re-engage) with its community as readers.
Presenter: Morgan Pruitt

Supporting Student Success: Collaboration between Libraries and Academic Learning Centers
Description: In 2021, Central Piedmont’s Academic Learning Center and Library became part of the same department in the college’s Academic Support division of the Academic Affairs department. Hear and learn from Director of Library Services, Jennifer Arnold and Director of Academic Learning Center, Dr. “J” Estrada as they share their experiences on how two organizations came together to collaborate and support students in need of academic support and research services. This presentation will also highlight partnership benefits, joint marketing efforts and how this particular model has contributed to student success.
Presenter: Jennifer Arnold & Dr. Joevanne Estrada

The Library in My Double Life: Informal Workers as Library Users
In July 2022, a former adult film star won a 1.7-million-dollar settlement after suing the community college she attended for discrimination under Title IX. Sex workers and other informal workers, from gig economy drivers to street vendors, have long had a distinct relationship with (digital) privacy and surveillance that is especially fraught in academic contexts, and which often exists two steps ahead of the institution. This presentation will survey the legal, political, and technological contexts of these workers as library users with complicated and precarious information lives. Librarians and higher education workers will learn to identify policies and trends that can make libraries more supportive of – and less hostile to – informal workers as users.
Presenter: Ellen Perleberg

Finding Your Chicken: Collaboration in the Community College Library
Description: The Paul H. Thompson Library at Fayetteville Technical Community College serves a diverse student body comprised of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Using imagination and innovation, the library found new and creative methods to reach out to the campus community. Through networking, community engagement, and outreach, the library has seen an increase in attendance as well as more engaged student and faculty interaction. This presentation will cover the ways in which libraries can market themselves as an open learning space for an inclusive, student-oriented community.
Presenters: Kris Obele Bele, Ashley Apple, & Megan Williams

Don’t Cancel That Class
Description: Don’t Cancel That Class is a program born out of instructor needs during the recovery period from COVID-19. To stop the spread of infection, instructors were more likely to call out due to illness, doctor’s appointments, quarantine, etc. To keep students from missing instruction, Wilkes Community College decided various departments across campus, including the library, would offer one-shot sessions to any classes where instructors are absent. Instructors can request an appointment based on what they want their students to learn, whether it be study and test taking skills from the Academic Support Center, personal finance from Financial Aid, or library instruction. This program has since grown. Instructors no longer just use this service for when they need to miss work. This service is used to enrich class material whether the instructor is present or not. Currently the library offers four sessions: evaluating sources, information literacy, library orientation, and subject/assignment specific research assistance. This presentation will cover what the library has been doing so far within the scope of Don’t Cancel That Class and what our future plans are. I am one of the administrators for the Don’t Cancel That Class MS Bookings Page, and one of my duties is to track data for the sessions provided each semester. Several of the items that will be covered during the presentation include instruction materials, keeping students engaged, and faculty/staff outreach.
Presenter: Vada Bunker

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*Switch to Virtual as of January 26, 2023: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the conference will not be held in person. We have shifted to a virtual format that promises to provide you with many opportunities for professional enrichment. Thank you for your patience and understanding through this abrupt transition. We look forward to connecting with all of you virtually in March!

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