2015 Conference Presentations

Jackie Kilberg – “Making the Rounds, Building Relationships with Library Users and Showcasing Library Services” Presentation Slides

Michael Crumpton & Nora Bird – “Keeping the Library Relevant as a Learning Center” PowerPoint | Handout

Michael Crumpton & Nora Bird – “Teaching Workplace Information Literacy” PowerPoint

David Wright – “Show Your Value and Relevance: Be an Aggressive Weeder!” PowerPoint | Sources

David Wright – “Patron Record Data Loads in CCCLINC – Project Explanation and Status” PowerPoint | Handout

Amy Burns – “Beyond the Interview – How to Stand Out in the Applicant Pool” PowerPoint

Deborah Foster – “Fixing Books for Longer Life in Your Collection” PowerPoint

Libby Stone & Angela Davis – “NCCCLA & NCLA’s CJCLS: A Worthwhile Partnership” PowerPoint

Angela Davis & Catherine Tingelstad – “The Library Field of Dreams: Hitting a Home Run with Faculty Outreach (If you build it… they might come!)” PowerPoint

Samantha O’Connor – “Outreach and Archives: Building Community Investment by Building your Archives” Handout | PowerPoint

Heather Greer Klein – “Trouble Shooting Digital Resources with Confidence” PDF

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